Thursday, June 08, 2006

Resting, Relaxing and a couple of videos

Well, i've been doing everything i can to take advantage of this wonderful sabbatical grant that i've got. Resting and renewing can be hard work. Well, at least it takes devotion. The long cool (mostly dry) spring that we've had in Toronto was made to order by my reckoning. I've never seen so many blossoms on trees. The wisteria lasted weeks - like yellow suns rising from the earth. The lilacs and laburnum have come and mostly gone. And now the columbines and lupins and irises are delighting the world. Poenies are about to burst open. Such wonder all about.

I've even had time to read - i'll sahre some of my reading list in another post - and watch some movies and even some videos on the internet. Here's three to :

Hope: this link was just sent me by some friends in Arizona (thanks Jacob). Sit back and relax and enjoy this lovely piece - i love the animation, the blending of images and the thoughtful juxtapositions. Here's what the producers at Luna Media say:
Based on the ideas of Native American storyteller, Willy Whitefeather, 'Hope' illustrates the cause and effect of life out of balance, and suggests a new path to harmony. Appealing to a universal audience, 'Hope' is a collage of music, sound and images in a 7 minute story, rich and layered with meaning. 'Hope' combines animation inspired by Pueblo, Sioux and Hopi art, with archival and original HD footage to bring the viewer on a powerful journey through human existence and toward a positive future.
Matt just told me about this whimsical video of an experiment with diet coke and mentos mints. Treat yourself to this wonderful nonsense: The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments.

Finally, some of you might have heard about the Sony-Bravia ad with the bouncing balls in San Francisco. Well, I have a special file just for this type of commercial. It's called "I hate that i love this commercial so much". Alas. The sublime does pop up in the most unexpected places. This is a beautiful creation and José González's score is balm for a weary soul. Enjoy.

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