Monday, March 19, 2007

Joyce Little's designs are a hit

Well, as some of you know, my sweety J'net was in Toronto last week representing the work of her friend, Tseshaht designer Joyce Little. It was a very successful event and some big name buyers have expressed interest in Joyce's work. I know little about the world of fashion, as many of you can guess. And it's probably hard for you to imagine me sitting along a fashion runway watching models strut and pose. But that's what i was doing last week as J'net and Fashion Nation introduced Joyce's stuff to the wide world of fashion during L'Oreal's International Fashion Week. You can see the pieces that were featured on Fashion Nation's website here. And J'net was in the news as well and did a very good interview with Fashion Television and you can watch that video here. The piece on Fashion Nation starts at about one minute twelve seconds into the piece and includes a number of Joyce's pieces as well as the interview with J'net. The image with this blog post is J'net modelling one of Joyce's pieces.

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