Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainforest Wonder

Alas, but i was supposed to be on a boat with J'net on our way to visit a remote native community she visits once every couple of weeks for her work. But the boat was too full and i was the expendable one. As i watched the boat surge off down the inlet i saw this wonder, which seemed a fitting consolation. The rainbow was actually a perfect arc across the entire sky and with the sun coming out for the first time in days, it felt like the world itself calling out, "look, see how wondrous is this land."


scott said...

where was this photo taken? what remote native do you speak of?

Chris cavanagh said...

This was taken at Harbour Quay at Port Alberni Harbour (looking west). The community i was to go to is a native community about 45 minutes out the Alberni inlet.