Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life, the Bittersweet

Listening to Thursday's episode of Democracy Now i was grabbed by the song played at the last break: Ain't No Reason by Brett Dennen. The lyrics cut straight into my heart. It's a rare song that does that so quickly. I'd not heard of this fellow before today. And i'm impressed. This video that i've linked is a heartbreaker - not sentimental heartbreak but rather the heartbreak of truth. It's ironic that out of great suffering can come great beauty (which is not to suggest that we should have or need more suffering - there's more than enough to go around). Perhaps i was more deeply moved on account of the juxtaposition of hearing this song while also listening to Ron Suskind's explosive revelations about the Bush administration's illegal actions (can you say "war crimes"?) in forging a letter to fabricate evidence of a Sadaam-Al Quaeda link. It remains mind-boggling to me that Bush and his administration have been able to get away with so much and i despair of the world they have ushered in. I only hope that Obama can make some difference in all that. But i worry.

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