Friday, August 13, 2010

Neoliberalism as Water Balloon

Just came across this playful presentation on neoliberalism by Tim McCaskell who should be a national treasure. Tim worked for many years for the Toronto District School Board in the anti-racism department. Thousands of Toronto highschool students went through multiculturalism and anti-racism workshops that Tim was instrumental in leading. A leading queer activist and educator in Toronto, Time has also published Race to Equity: Disrupting Educational Inequality.

In addition to a persuasive presentation about the flaws of neoliberalism, this video begins with a powerful graphic presentation about the structure of inequality according to class, sex, sexual orientation and "race". This alone makes the video pedagogical gold. I highly recommend this resource (either showing the video or reproducing some of its contents yourself).


Pearl said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for sharing this video. It is SO clear and concise! I love his deadpan delivery....I really felt the horror of the picture he creates, despite his throw away style! Very Brechtian!

Fayyaz Ali said...

Dear Chris,
When the balloon exploded, my heart almost stopped. Brilliant video, and I intend on showing this to my grade 9 class.
Hope you are well and life is good!

nazia said...
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