Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tumbling and Stumbling along in the writing world

So, i've started a tumblr blog that i call Book of Lots. And i've been posting on it since January 1. It's mostly a project for an audience of 1 - moi meme, as it were. But making it public is a way to expose my ideas to some extent. Exercise a bit of risk taking. My intent was to post all the stuff i read, watch, listen to, etc. and make very brief comments/reviews about things. But i've noticed how some comments seem to grow and grow. And i plan to re-post a few of the more substantive pieces here. The difference between the tumblr site and this blogger site is immediacy. I'm using the tumblr site to post impulsively (albeit linked to what i read, watch, listen to, etc.) while this site has been for more considered thought. So maybe i'll grab some of the tumblr posts and edit/augment them here. I'll see. Meanwhile, this is me, getting this blog rolling once again.

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