Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Inspiring Women & slide show

Last night, in Toronto, Judy Rebick launched her new book Ten Thousand Roses to a packed house (standing room only). It was an inspiring evening. One thing that touched me deeply was Ursula Franklin's answer to Judy's question about what was the greatest achievement (and greatest challenge) of the Canadian womens movement: friendship. (I wish i could quote Ursula's eloquence - it brought tears to my eyes, as it did for many others). On a more personally inspiring note, my sister, brother-in-law and their three daughters (8, 13 & 15) attended, and i was amazed to see my neices engaged in the event. The thirteen year-old has applied successfully to attend Ursula Franklin Academy, a public school with a mission statement that inlcudes peace, equity and social justice. My neice introduced herself to Ursula and was moved - a brave thing for a teenager. It made me feel good about that better world that we are striving to make together. The evening began with two inspiring performers: Zainab Amadahy of Spirit Wind, and Rosina Kazi of Lal; and the presentations ended with Motion - check them all out! And, if you haven't looked at Judy's blog, Ten Thousand Stories, you really should bookmark it and check it often.

Check out pics from the event.

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