Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New blog - check it out

A friend just sent me the link to her new blog : janela: reflections on living and volunteering in Brazil. Most recently, i've worked with Claudia on producing the Best of Rabble, an edited collection of some of the best work published on over the past few years - You'll be able to buy your very own copy of the Best of Rabble shortly from Rabble Reads - a new on-line bookstall. There's lots of excellent books there already that i recommend. Claudia did all of the heavy-lifting of selecting the pieces and co-editing them with Sharon Fraser (Rabble editor) before leaving them to my tender-mercies to "quark" them ( a new verb for me meaning to layout and typeset the book). Claudia's blog reminds me of my travels in the 80s to Nicaragua where i lived and volunteered a few times. While i recognize the privilege involved in being able to travel in this way, i also believe strongly in the benefits, personally and socially, to devoting oneself to such endeavors. I'm excited to see Claudia writing about her experience in a blog. I wonder what my experiences of such travel would have been like if i could have been writing about it this way. Check out Claudia's blog!

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