Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bread & Puppet Website - YAY!

Bread and Puppet has a website - joy-oh-joy. As some of you know, i have been attending Bread & Puppet events since 1980 - they've been a big part of my life, as you can imagine. They are one of world greats of theatre - not just puppet theatre. And for all you budding community artists and activists you might want to check out their APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM. Throughout the 80s i longed to apply to work with them but instead found myself in Nicaragua working for the Sandinistas instead. Their website also includes an interview with Peter Schumann and a link to a "academic" article on Bread & Puppet. (The above photo is one i took in November 2006 when i co-produced a performance at York University. This is the face of an Iraqi woman puppet. You can see more images from that performance in this old blog post.)

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