Sunday, February 25, 2007

conspiracy 911

A friend just sent me this very clever video by a friend of hers (thanks, Sushil). I'm not much into conspiracy theories (except for their strange power as compelling stories.) And I'm not sure if Apeman888 (the director) is for or against conspiracies. He writes:

I made this film as a rejoinder to all the crazy 911 theories floating around the Internet. My plan is to fight madness with madness. It's a battle the conspiracy nuts cannot hope to win. For I am the Moscow of madness, whereas they are merely the provincial weather stations.

Is he saying that his conspiracy theorizing is better than all the "nuts"? Regardless, I love the cleverness of the juxtapositions that Apeman888 has made. And the warning about Iran as the next target of US aggression is timely. See my previous post with the slide show scored to Cat Stevens music.

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