Monday, April 30, 2007

The Phonemes - May 5th

Alas, but i am gonna miss this show as i will be out of town (way out of town; i wonder if they have blintzes in T'blisi). So, if you're in Toronto and wanna catch one of my fave indie bands, check 'em out and let me know how the show goes. Here's what Liz has e-mailed about the show:

there's something we've been meaning to do and we're doing it next saturday may 5th at the whippersnapper art gallery with bob wiseman and jason trachtenburg and also, we are doing this specifically with many friends like justin stayshyn, mez, katie crown, john tielli, paige gratland and cab williamson from hank, gentleman reg, james anderson and shayna stevenson from the singing saws and others. we will also be showing 2 videos. one is for the song "porcupines" (jeff woodrow made it) and one is for the song "oh sleep" (rose bianchini and richard made it). this thing we are doing is a celebration of our new cd so it's sort of important to us. you know? that's why the flyer is pink and grey.

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