Monday, February 15, 2016


Two friends lost in the desert, trudged through the dryness and the heat, dying from thirst and hunger and exposure. At the limit of their endurance they came upon a high wall on the other side of which they could hear the sound of running water and birds singing. They could see, just over the top of the wall, the branches of fruit trees with plump fruit quivering in a gentle breeze.

One friend said to the other, “if you stand on my shoulders you can reach the top of the wall.” 

And so, one friend managed to mount the wall but looked down and said “I cannot reach you to pull you up.” 

“Do not worry, please go on and refresh yourself in the oasis. For i am returning to the desert.” 

“But why?” 

“I am going to look for other lost travellers whom I will show the way to this oasis." 

Image: Tim De Groot

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