Monday, May 07, 2007

Almost hidden delights

One of the things i like about walking slowly is the opportunity to notice detail - the sound of a bird i've never heard before, a strange mechanical sound that, i swear, is the same one the TARDIS makes (okay you Dr. W. fans - you know who you are); and these tiles pictured here. I almost walked by them, despite my sauntering pace. I've seen wee tiles or lines of tiles in the oddest places - they almost always look as if they've been placed as an afterthought. But someone has cared enough to place them and that is lovely. They are an interesting mix of whimsy and reverence and care. Notice all the bunches of grapes in these tiles (as well as on the gate in the previous image if you pay close attention) - by all accounts georgian wine is excellent (i'll let you know how my research goes). All over the old town that i was walking around today you could see little touches of beauty and care that people add to their homes, many of which seem more collaged together than planned and built.

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