Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yet another way to eat bread and cheese

We went out for dinner last night and found a restaurant Ria (my Equitas colleague) had eaten at on a previous trip. The restaurant was on the cliffs over the river (the Mtkvari - get your tongue around that) looking up the mountain at an old church surrounded by yet older battlement walls. I was introduced to kachapuri - yet another way to eat bread and cheese - it's a kind of fried dough in which is sandwiched a sharp feta-like cheese. As addictive as pizza. And eating that left little room to add some of the seasonal stewed lamb dish (something quite georgian, i was given to understand). The lamb came in a soup of tarragon which is more tarragon than i've eaten in the last couple of years. We had a lovely walk back to our hotel, having been joined by the facilitator from Kazakhstan. We stumbled across a section of town called Shardeni made up of about four or five narrow streets, filled with cafes and bistros and art galleries. Very hip. Tables and comfy soft chairs crowded the street and many people were wrapped in blankets that we included with the chairs. On one street a baby grand piano sat unattended. The people were almost exclusively youngish (20s to early 30s) and clearly the urban hipster crowd. There is a lot of development going on to expand this section that runs adjacent to the river. It made this ancient country feel kind of young which, in a way, it is. The image above is of a charming cafe behind our hotel.

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