Friday, August 11, 2006

At Hollyhock

Here i am on the hem of the world. Hollyhock is, as i've heard from so many people, sublime. This is a shot of soe of the dahlias in the famous garden. And what a garden it is.

I am i the midst of a wonderful workshop with Nick Bantock, a writer/artist whose work has inspired me for many years. It's a group of 15 wonderful people and we get to play all day long with collage. Does life get sweeter?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Such immanence

I was in Cathedrahl Grove this morning and, as with previous visits here, i was deeply moved. As ouristy a stop as it might be, the majesty of the trees and the forest growth seems to silence my pessimistic and cynical reactions - even as they seem to silence the traffic on the road that cuts through this ancient place. I was reminded of hiking the West Coast Trail in 1980 with a good friend. No traffic three, unless you count the whales. I don't know what that trail is like today, though i do know you need to book well in advance (a year, i've been told) if you want to hike it. But that journey (over 25 years ago now) felt like walking through the world before we had wrecked it. But even now, standing in Cathedrahl Grove, the despair i often feel for the wreckage we have caused (and continue to) lifted for a moment and i could feel the pulse of the earth and i felt that no matter the damage, the earth will yet abide.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On the west coast

What a contrast from the populous plains and hills and coasts of Europe. I always forget how beautiful is this land of evergreens and water and snow-capped mountains.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Lamentations - Solo & Collaborative Paintings by Joshua Barndt

If you want to take in one art exhibit this month, and if you're in Toronto on the dates below, please check out this marvelous work. I'm shamelessly promoting the work of a young man i have know since he was a tot. Josh is the son of a dear friend with whom i have worked in popular education for 20 years. And now i look at Josh's paintings and murals and i see so much of our lives reflected and refracted through the eyes of the next generation. I'm moved and humbled. Here's the gallery info:
August 4 – 12 2006

Whippersnapper Gallery
587 A College Street (at Clinton) Toronto

Whippersnapper Gallery is one of Toronto newest, edgiest and hippest not-for-profit exhibition spaces. Recently relocated to the heart of Little Italy, Whippersnapper boasts 2500 square feet of exhibition space dedicated to emerging artists. With great success on July 19th we celebrated our grand opening, showcasing the work of 26 young, talented artists and attracting 550 people to the reception.

LAMENTATIONS is our first solo exhibition featuring the energetic, monumental and provocative paintings of Joshua Barndt.

Barndt is a graffiti and community mural artist, with a specific interest in socially critical content. Trained on the streets of Toronto and classically in the studios of Concordia University, he is exhibiting a large body of solo and collaborative canvases embedded in contemporary social critique.

For more information or interviews contact Joshua Barndt at or 647-201-7436
(The image above is titled "Lament for Relations" and is oil and latex on wood, 8x20 feet.)

The Universe is Keeping me Humble

Back home from France and Spain and what should happen but that i get a sore throat that has threatened all week to become a cold. Much rest and slowly-sipped hot water and i'm healthy again and heading to BC for a couple of weeks.

Ahh, how i yearn for more time in the south of France. But i'm sure that old training about worthiness and humility is working at some level and, what with being raised catholic, one can't go having too good a time without there being some soul-testing consequence. Thus the sore throat.

Superstitions aside, here's a lovely shot of Shawna & David on of the streets of Olargues on the day, a couple of long weeks ago, when we went walking about that ancient town.