Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Collection of Social Justice Mailing Lists

I've always been an avid reader of newsletters, magazines, journals and, of course, books. And the internet has multiplied beyond imagining the amount of text and image that can fill one's reading hours. Here's a few of the lists about social justice activism and popular education to which i am subscribed:

Social justice events, news and resources in Toronto:
  • Rise Up! News and Events
    • Compiled and published by long-time activist and educator Anna Willats, this is a very comprehensive listing of social justice and advocacy events in Toronto. To post an event, subscribe, or unsubscribe, just send a plain text message to awillats@sympatico.ca
  • Toronto Social Forum
    • Started by activists who were inspired by the Porto Alegre initiated World Social Forums, this list shares information and resources about social justice activism with a strong international focus.
  • Centre for Social Justice
    • A Toronto-based research centre, their list promotes events and resources mostly in Toronto including campaigns with which they are associated.
  • Planning Action
    • A group of activist planners, they've got a great list about planning related happenings, debates and more.

Beyond Toronto
  • The Popular Education News
    • An excellent newsletter, written and published by Larry Olds (long-time adult educator from Minneapolis) that features events and resources abut popular education - mostly in the US and Canada.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Season

I've been absorbed. Or perhaps i've been away on a cosmic jaunt. It sure feels that way when i notice that my last post to this blog was in July. It's been a wonderful summer and, as richly packed as it was, it also feels like i've merely blinked and months have passed. The autumnal equinox is behind us and we are well into the fall season of school and work and life. As some of you know, i am now married - having proposed to a beloved friend of 20 years, J'net August (now J'net Cavanagh), we did two wedding ceremonies this past summer, one in Port Alberni, BC and one on the Toronto Islands. Everything went wonderfully well and there are numerous good memories that have been shared widely amongst family and friends. However, little has changed in my day-to-day life as J'net and i continue to live on opposite sides of the country until next year. Alas. Such a modern relationship. I also have two step-children now as well and, having taken care of one of them this summer for two weeks and with all the frenzy (joyous though it was) of two weddings and with all the August preparatory work for teaching this Fall and, finally, getting started teaching, i am only now catching up to myself and attending to numerous deferred tasks - like blogging.