Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On Broken Hearts, Courage and a Life of Activism

Here's a piece i wrote last year about my take on popular education:

On Broken Hearts - MSWord version

On Broken hearts - PDF version


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, I really enjoyed the stories in class yesterday. Also, another professer I had last year told me about the 1001 nights of stories- Zabe MacEachren. I checked it out last winter and had a blast!
See you in class. Keren B

Chris cavanagh said...

That's great that you had Zabe as a professor. She's a wonderful storyteller and i have wonderful pictures in my head of Zabe treed by wolves, canoeing in the North, leading hikes with kids (and messing with them about how to distinguish animals from their scat). Zabe teaching at Queen's is Toronto's loss. Luck you, that you had her as a teacher.