Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Favourite Bluegrass Kung Fu Mashup Ever

I've just learned about Uncle Earl recently (i am so out of the loop) and they rock (if you can say that about a bluegrass band). I'm a sucker for bluegrass waltzes amongst other things. This mashup is a hoot - and makes me remember fondly the trek out to Greenfield Park in the Montreal suburbs (where i barely survived blandland until moving to the Plateau in my late teens) to see those famously badly dubbed kung fu flicks (which now, of course, are an art form unto themselves). Putting a bluegrass spin (figuratively as well as literally) on it is the perfect 21st Century tribute. And take note of the Zep's John Paul Jones in the strapless pumps. You gotta love it! (P.S. there are so many lovely geeky touches in this video, but by far my favourite is the Snowcraft laugh - i'f you've never played it, try it out - it's almost worth losing to hear your opponents laughing gloat.)

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