Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paper Cranes in Space

Origami has been part of my life since before i can remember. Fortune-tellers, water bombs and, of course, paper airplanes. I'm not sure i knew about origami per se until my best friend Majid, a fellow CEGEP student (an immigrant from Iran) taught me how to make a paper crane - something he's learned in the UK from a fellow language student from Japan. I made hundreds of cranes, perhaps thousands before eventually developing curiosity about what else could be done. It was my good luck to find a book in the Vancouver Public Library (while living in Vancouver one summer in the early 80s) by Akira Yoshizawa. It opened up a world for me. One that has grown and one that dazzles me regularly.

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Anonymous said...

I saw an expert demonstrate origami one year at Lillian H. Smith Library and was amazed at what he could do.