Friday, June 09, 2006

NEW BOOK: Wild Fire: Art as Activism

Wild Fire: Art as Activism is a wonderful collection that i'm proud to be part of. 17 essays (with lotsa pictures) about various aspects of art and politics and social change. I wrote an essay called "The Strawberry Tased So Good: The Trickster Practices of Activist Art" in which i try and share some of my thoughts about art and popular education. This is a cover-to-cover read for all you artists who work with communties and community groups in issues of social justice as well as all you activists who use art in your work. Many of the articles contain ideas that are easily adaptable to different circumstances and you have the benefit of the critical reflection of the writers/artists/activists who did all this!


Anonymous said...


I am currently enrolled in a graduate level anti-oppressive education class and have chosen your essay as an article to write a personal reflection on. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it and that I would really like to know more about your ideas of Trickster Pedagogy. It is something I find facinating as I use a fair amount of it in my daily teaching.

Chris cavanagh said...

i'm pleased that you enjoyed my article and if you feel like sharing your reflections, i'd love to read 'em. Coincidentally, i will be working on my trickster pedagogy notions over the next six weeks. Check back here for updates.