Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Wonder of Memory

I just came across this lovely wee rhyme below that my dad shared with me last year. Just before he went in for heart surgery which proved to be quite the ordeal, and from which he was recovering at this time last year. It was a hard passage with many scary moments. And he had recovered well enough to spend a few weeks in England and Scotland last summer. Amazing. More amazing still is the way memory works and that he should recall this charming ditty from his childhood.

Three little ponies
Didn’t like their hay.
Said to one another,
”Let’s run away.”

The first one said, “I’ll cantor.”
The second one said, “I’ll trot.”
The third one said, “I’ll run,
If it’s not too hot.”

So they all ran away
With their tails in the air.
But they couldn’t jump the fence,
So they’re all still there.

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