Friday, February 20, 2009

New Journal on Social Movements

Interface: A Journal For and About Social Movements is a new on-line journal (everything is accessible) that includes looking at popular education. I like that the editors identify themselves as ranging from activists to academics. Their mission statement includes:
We are activists from different movements and different countries, researchers working with movements, and progressive academics from various countries. We have been involved in many different projects to support and develop the recent knowledge generation processes around contemporary social movements. Through this work we have come to recognise how much we stand to learn from each other – from the specific experiences of movements, from the languages that have been developed within and around different movements, and from different places and times.

The purpose of this journal is to learn from each other's struggles:
  • across movements and issues
  • across continents and cultures
  • across theoretical and disciplinary traditions
(Thanks, Budd, for sharing this)

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