Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Terrific Reading List about Writing About Science

I just tripped across this Crowd-Sourced Reading List which is worth spending some time with. It's ostensibly about writing ab out science, but there's more to the collection than that, of course. It includes some of my faves like Stephen Jay Gould (i hope when i grow up i can write like him), David Quammen (who Matt & Sally have turned me onto), Oliver Sacks (who's simply too brilliant and kind to be human - he must have been sent here to make us smarter) , and more. All the links are to works that are available on-line. While Carl Zimmer (the blogger who compiled the list) notes some lacks in the list, he fails to note the quickly obvious absence of women writers. One of the comments asks about Rachel Carson and i've looked myself for some link to her published work, but i cannot find anything. However, here's a few pieces that i think are worth including by some of my favourite writers:

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